HIFA 2009 - Enligh10ment
HIFA 2009 Logo
GenreMusic, Film
Dates28 April - 3 May 2009
Location(s)Harare, Zimbabwe
Years active1999–present
Founded byManuel Bagorro

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2009 - Enligh10ment

In 2009 Zimbabwe was under a coalition government, a political compromise to arrest economic decline and end political uncertainty over a inconclusive election in 2008. The festival was held from the 28th of April to 3 May. As HIFA celebrated its 10th anniversary, it's theme reflected this. HIFA explained the choice of theme:

Enlightenment is the striving for and achievement of greater knowledge and understanding, the process through which we ‘see the light’.

The evolution of HIFA over the last 10 years has been a shared journey of progressive enlightenment, a varied road trip in pursuit of thought-provoking creative endeavour, offering escape as well as empathy, fantasy as well as reason, beauty as well as realism. Our 2009 Festival is a snapshot from an important destination along the way.

So, at a time when all Zimbabweans are seeking ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’, the lightening of our individual burdens and an ethos of reason, clarity and resolution, HIFA presents our largest and most luminous Festival yet. We plan to prominently celebrate our 10th anniversary but also to turn a spotlight on all of us – our fears, our sadness, our joys and ultimately on our hope for a brighter future.

Some of the following international artists were featured at the festival: Freshlyground, Malaika, PJ Powers and Habib Koité, Local artists included Alick Macheso, Alexio, Rusike Brothers, Prince Edward School Jazz Band and Willis Wataffi Afirika Quartet


You can view or download the 2009 programme here.

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