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GenreMusic, Film
Dates29 April - 4 May 2011
Location(s)Harare, Zimbabwe
Years active1999–present
Founded byManuel Bagorro

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2011 - The Engagement Party

HIFA in 2011 ran from the 26th of April to the 1st May. This edition was themed The Engagement Party. HIFA explained the choice of theme:

The Engagement Party, exhorts all Zimbabweans and visiting Festival goers and artists to engage themselves fully, in art, culture, and life. Like each of HIFA's themes over its eleven years to date, 'The Engagement Party' theme can be interpreted on various different levels and in different ways, depending upon how it strikes each individual, whether metaphorical, symbolic, or on a surface level. HIFA invites ALL Zimbabweans EVERYWHERE, no matter their walk of life, belief system, social echelon, income, age, or any other variable amongst our multi-faceted population, to ENGAGE. Engage with one another, engage with your community, engage with the artistic community, with our broader, multi-cultural, multi-lingual society, get involved, fully involved, and CELEBRATE. Celebrate our amazing, beautiful country, our strong, resilient people, our extraordinarily talented artists. It's an inspiring, joyful theme.[1]

The opening show for HIFA in 2011 was created by Brett Bailey, his 5th opening at HIFA. The show was title Titled Trea$ure. On their website, HIFA reported on the show: "The show opened with the fat-cats displaying their opulent riches, with pianos turning into fabulous cars and giant sparkling washing-machines that symbolised that “life was good.” The dancers were dressed as religious, military and political leaders with their faces painted in gold and silver. This was a true celebration for the elites while the common-man, from the youngest to the oldest, was forced to accept the crumbs from the chief’s table and brutality at the hands of the powers-that-be. A people’s revolt forced the chief, cowering, into the audience as the singer sang the disco-favourite 'I Will Survive.'"[2]

Local artists that performed in 2011 include: Winky D, Chiwoniso Maraire, Victor Kunonga, Edith Weutonga, Mic Inity and Ivan Mazuze

International acts included Boubacar Traoré, Tcheka, BLK JKS - a South African rock band, Bibi Tanga and the Selenites, Adriano Adewale, Antonio Forcione and others.


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