HIFA 2017 - Staging an Intervention
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GenreMusic, Film
Dates2 May - 7 May 2017
Location(s)Harare, Zimbabwe
Years active1999–present
Founded byManuel Bagorro

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The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is a one week long annual music and arts festival and workshop programme held in Harare. The Festival in 2017 was held from 2 May to 7 May.

HIFA 2017 Programme Download

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Performing Artists

Local Artists

International Artists

  • TiMO ODV (South Africa)
  • Steve Dyer
  • Habib Koité and Friends (Mali)
  • Iyco and Kaka Furaha
  • Luis Llaneza
  • Baroque2000
  • Rocky Dawuni (Ghanaian)
  • Madala Kunene (South Africa)
  • SA ROY (a Malagasy trio)
  • Trio Klavis (three musicians with roots in Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Austria, Russia, Mexico, Croatia and Turkey)
  • Brooks (Dutch)
  • Derek Gripper (South Africa)
  • Ziyah Gafć (Bosnian photographer)
  • Jochen Kraus (Germany)
  • José de Eça
  • Thomas Motter featuring LeNora Jaye
  • Will McNicol (UK Acoustic Guitarist of the Year)
  • Thomas Motter (German keyboard genius and songwriter)
  • SooJin Anjou (US Based Pianist)
  • Street Corner Symphony (US Based contemporary a cappella group)
  • Rebecca Fischer (US violinist)
  • Anthony Hawley
  • Ziia & The Swing Mates (Reunion Island)
  • Kareyce Fotso
  • Joep Pelt (US guitarist)
  • Ignition (Ireland)
  • Opera Gala
    • Hyona Kim (Mezzo)
    • Laquita Nitchell(Sop)
    • James Valenti (Ten)
    • Lester Lynch (Baritone)
  • The HandleBards (UK based world’s first cycling theatre company. )
  • Chanje Kunda
  • Geert Vaes
  • Tim Casson (UK based choreographer)
  • Mitzy Carruthers
  • Aiden Killian {Ireland based comedian)
  • Dana Alexander (Canada based comedian)
  • Carvin Goldstone (South African comedian)

Funding Problems

Less than a month before the kickoff of HIFA 2017, the organisers appealed for funding to ensure the success of the festival:

So this is where we stand: Plans for HIFA 2017 are going ahead, with grit, determination and FAITH, and we're reaching out for the support of our friends, fans and funky admirers to join us in making it happen.

With the help of a few friends of HIFA the #HIFAMUSTHAPPEN campaign is in full swing on www.thundafund.com

We hope you believe, as we do, that it is vital that this beacon of what is positive and possible in Zimbabwe continues to shine - A platform for our local artists, an invitation to international artists, and a space for communication, celebration and healing.

HIFA 2016 didn't happen, and HIFA 2017 must to ensure that this incredible festival continues - want to be part of it..?

Consider joining the crowd and contributing towards #hifamusthappen on www.thundafund.com

So, how does this Crowdfunding thing work?

Head to www.thundafund.com, and you'll find the HIFA campaign on the home page. There you can choose to support us by choosing one of the fun rewards we're offering e.g. Shout out message on Mainstage, a personal graffiti tag in the entrance, seats in the lighting tower...

It is important to say that there are local businesses and funders who are helping make the festival happen - but the truth is, with the current economic climate we need YOU too, and truly - every cent counts!

PS If you find payments on the SA website a little tricky, email hifa@thundafund.com for Zim EFT and Paynow details. [1]

HIFA 2017 Funding Campaign Video


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