Harare Laundromat & Dry Cleaning Services in Zimbabwe

Harare Laundromat Services and Dry Cleaning in Zimbabwe is a highly rated and affordable dry cleaners, laundry and ironing company in Zimbabwe. We wash and iron clothes for individuals and businesses in Harare. Our hand wash methods ensure that clothes retain their original clean state and colour, better than any other laundromat in Harare.

Laundry Pricing in Harare

  • We charge USD$15 to wash and USD$5 to iron a full standard laundry basket as shown.
  • Collection and delivery fee is USD$5 per trip.
  • FREE collection and delivery is for 2 or more laundry baskets

Laundry Services

We pick up your clothes, wash, iron and deliver.

Washing clothes and fabrics

All clothes and fabrics are hand washed, using mild washing detergents, sta-soft is optional. Before washing your clothes, we read the garment label for washing instructions, if there is no care label we use extra mild washing detergents. When washing we avoid scrubing and twist actions that can damage or stretch your clothes.

Ironing clothes and fabrics

We iron using instructions on clothes. If there are no instructions we use the lowest temperature first and test on an inside seam. However, natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool and silk) are generally ironed at high temperatures with steam, while sythentic fibres (polyester, nylon, acetate and acrylic) are ironed at low temperatures without steam.

Folding clothes and fabrics

We have the best clothes folding techniques that do not result in creases but save space for storage. We can fold:

  • T-Shirts
  • Dress Shirts
  • Pants
  • Sweaters
  • Socks

How to request for laundry services

The process of requesting for our washing services is as simple as 1 2 3, in three steps.

Step 1 Call us on 0771 485 546 to schedule a laundry pickup time or day. We’re flexible, so do whatever works for you.

Step 2 A professional Harare laundry services concierge will come with sealable laundry and garment bags to collect your items, so your clothes are safe in style.

Step 3 Your clothes are returned washed, ironed and folded in ultimate convinience. Meanwhile, you can relax, do your daily errands while we do the fun stuff. [[Category:]]