The Harare Mambos was one of the oldest Jazz Bands in Zimbabwe. The group rose to national stardom in the early 1980s. Led by legendary musician Greenford Jangano, the group became one of the first pioneers of Jazz music in the country.

Formation and History

The group was formed in the 1960s by Greenford Jangano. This was to fulfill Frank McKewan, a Frenchman's request to provide an all black band that would play jazz music at the National Gallery.[1] McKewan was the head of the gallery then. Jangano went on to pick Simangaliso Tutani and Andrew Chakanyuka who belonged to either the Broadway Quartet or the Capital City Dixies. The group went on to become one of the best outfits at that time playing in upmarket hotels and pubs. In 1990, the group signed a contract with Zimbabwe Sun Hotels to give performances at Monomotapa Hotel in Harare and the band stayed there until 1992 when the same Hotel group moved the band to Elephant Hills Hotel in Victoria Falls.[2] They were a regular at Harare's Crowne Plaza and the Elephant Hotel in Victoria Falls. The band went on to release their only album just after 1980. Titled 'Ngatigarei Tose', the album carried the group's yesteryear hits such as 'Mwanasikana', 'Mbuya Nehanda', and 'Say Anything'. However, the group later disbanded when their usual performing place Elephant Hotel was burnt down.


Mambos were probably one of the frst bands in the country to get endorsements. In the mid 60s, the group was engaged to promote Players’ Gold Leaf cigarette brand. It was here that it was renamed Harare Mambos Players’ Leaf Jazz Band. In the following years it was also hired to promote Ambi lightening.


The group had one album 'Ngatigarei Tose'.

Band Members


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