What are considered good sources?

Newspapers, books, journals, magazines, industry publications, and expert websites; independent of the subject, with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy; somewhere or someone you would trust if you read it, knowing that they did their homework and don't want to get the information wrong.

How to reference manually

Use reference tags after the period: ...end of sentence.'<ref>Reference info here/ author, publication, date, title, place, web address, etc.</ref> Place at the end of the sentence after the punctuation.

How to references using the toolbar

These are thorough and easy to use. Click [edit], and place the cursor at the end of the sentence you want to reference. Using the editing toolbar, click [cite] or {{ }} and choose the source type (web, book, TV...). Fill out the fields you know, click [enter], and [save] when ready.

How to put a reference section

References should show up at the bottom of the page. Make a level 2 header: ==References==. Then place <references /> below the header. You don't have to type out the references there; instead, place them inside the article after the sentence they support. They'll appear automatically.