What the Ministry is all about. Name of the ministry in full and the current minister.

Ministry Background

Year of establishment and a the reasons/motivations behind the establishment. What was the most immediate task that the ministry was facing. Most ministries in Zimbabwe were inherited from the Rhodesian government so there is need to highlight this transition process as part of the background.

Vision and Mission of the Ministry

This is usually found on the ministry websites, or the government website. The vision and mission document spells out clearly what the ministry endeavours to do in serving of public interests.

Leadership Structure

  • Minister
  • Dep. Minister
  • Permanent Secretary
  • Director General
  • Commissioner General

Functions/ Roles in Government

Specific roles and functions in government


What are the respective organs, departments, institutions, bodies and organs that fall under the ministry.

  • The respective roles of each department.

Policies Since 1980

What were the historic long term of short term policies of the ministry. For example the Ministry of Finance had the STERP initiative/policy (2000- 2002)) and the Zim Asset blue print as its long term project (2013-2018). What has the ministry done towards achieving the set targets. What are criticisms leveled against the policies.


Notable specific successes on specific projects. Are there any awards or general applause on a specific venture.


Includes, scandals, corruption, mismanagement, lawsuits, retrenchments, succession battles etc

Timeline of Leaders

1980-1990 Lloyd Hazvineyi 1991-1992 Abraham Seda 1993-1998 Rutendo N. Mawoneke