Herbert Ushewokunze
Dr. Herbert Ushewokunze the First Health Minister for Zimbabwe
BornHerbert Ushewokunze
  • Politician

  • Former Minister of Health
EmployerGovernment of Zimbabwe
OrganizationMinistry of Health

Herbert Ushewokunze (Herbert Sylvester Masiyiwa Ushewokunze) is a Zimbabwean born politician who was Minister of Health at the assumption of independence in 1980.

Personal Details

No information was found on his age, place of birth, or family.

School / Education

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Service / Career

In the Zimbabwe 1985 Parliamentary Election Chinamora returned to Parliament:

In the 1990 Parliamentary Election (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Highfield East returned to Parliament:

Turnout - 14 103 or 35.92 %

In 1987, Herbert Ushewokunze was the Minister of Transport. It co-ordinated transport policy and services in general, and was responsible for civil aviation, roads, and railways as well as for meteorological services. [1]


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