Hope Masike

Hope Masike is an Afro-fusion singer, mbira player, percussionist, song writer, fashion designer and a painter. She's also been a teacher of African music in Norway. She is popularly known as 'The Princess of Mbira'. Masike comes from Musana in Bindura. She is a graduate from the Zimbabwe College of Music (ZCM). She has toured many countries in Africa and Europe.

Musical career

Masike began her musical career while she was at the ZMC around 2006 when she formed an Afro-jazz band.[1] The band was composed of Ben Kabasa who was a percussionists, Dunmore Sengere who was a backing vocalist, Tarisai Gweje who was also a leading vocalist.[1] When two of the band members relocated to South Africa the band is said to have disbanded.[1]

In 2007, while still at the ZMC, Masike formed another band which was called Kakuwe.[1] Members of the band were Blessed Rukweza who was a percussionists, Elisha Herema still a bassist, Songwe Limbikani, a marimba player and Theresa Muteta a record player.[1] Currently some of the band members include Maxwell Mburuko a marimba player and Blessing Chimanga amongst others.[1]

Masike claims that she was ushered into the art of performing at Book Cafe after she was asked to take over the Tuesday nights from where Chiwoniso Maraire had left when she went to the United States of America in 2008.[2] Masike has said that performing at the Book Cafe enabled her rise to stardom as her support and fan base grew gradually.[2] The Delta Gallery, National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe, the German Society as well as the ZMC among other organisations and or centres were also instrumental in nurturing Masike.[2]

In 2009, the band released its first album titled 'Hope'. In 2012 Masike released her second album titled 'Mbira, Love and Chocolate'.

Teaching career

In 2011, Masike relocated to Norway and returned in 2012.[1] Masike was teaching African music at an institution called Kultreskolen i Fredrikstad which is a culture school.[1] Whilst in Norway, Masike collaborated with Monoswezi and toured many countries.[1]

Masike also released an album titled 'The Village' whilst in Norway in 2012 before returning to Zimbabwe.[3] Despite this however, it is generally believed that Masike has so far released only two albums. It is also reported that one of the songs from this album was selected by World Music Corporation for a compilation called 'Rough guide to undiscovered music'.[3]

Break from Music

In 2013, Masike took a break from music for about two months between June and July, though it was reported that since 2013 Masike was devoting much of her attention to her church music team at the expense of her band.[2] Masike however admitted that since the beginning of 2013, she was not always around and that she was with her church music team more as compared to her band.[2]

Masike claimed that her decision to take a break from music was a result of her need to give the band a new look and new direction.[2] There were reports however that Masike was ditched by her drummer unexpectedly as he was now launching his solo career.[2] This is said to have affected her band forcing Masike to take a break from music.[2]

In August 2013, Masike returned to the public scene at her show dubbed Sacred Secrets which took place at the Alliance Francaise.[2] Since then, she has performed at festivals including Bergen Afro Arts Festival in Norway[4], and HIFA in 2015 where she sang alongside Salif Keita. She has also been nominated for the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards International Music Artiste Award Category competing against Jah Prayzah, Mokoomba, Tehn Diamond and Junior Brown.[5]


Whilst in Norway, Masike made some collaborations with Anniken Paulsen a Norwegian who is a composer and a pianist. She also made collaborations with Ibou Cissokh of Senegal, Sheila Massungue of Mozambique and Anthony Maina from Kenya among other most notable African musicians.[1] She also struck a deal with French DJ Oil and Bokani Dyer of South Africa.[4]


2012 NAMA Outstanding Female Musician.

Outstanding Performances

  1. Harare International Festival Of The Arts (HIFA) in 2015 when she performed alongside Salif Keita
  2. Harare International Festival Of The Arts (HIFA) since 2010
  3. Exile Festival in Serbia
  4. Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet in Mozambique and South Africa
  5. A2GO Festival in Mozambique
  6. Bushfire Festival in Swaziland


  • Dzevabvazera (2022)

The second poetry anthology addresses sex and is not for children under-18.[3]


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