Hwinza is a Zimdancehall musician who rose to prominence with his track Lula Lula or Sombonyo.


Real Name

His real name is Simbarashe Magado.[1]


Hwinza and ex-wife Millicent Chigwende during happier times

In January 2021, Hwinza who had been married for two years was dumped by his wife Millicent Chigwende. Chigwende is said to have packed all her stuff from their shared house with Hwinza. Hwinza said he did not want anything to do with his ex-wife because she hurt him a lot.[2]


Hwinza rose to prominence through his song Sombonyo which first did the rounds on social media as a studio freestyle. He then went on to record the song at Chill Spot Records.


Stealing Song

Jah Master claimed the song Sombonyo was originally his. Speaking on ZiFM Stereo, Jah Master said:

The song, Sombonyo was originally my song. It was just taken and changed a little lines. It is because my marketing strategies were poor and someone just capitalised on that and recorded my song at a different studio.

In his response, Hwinza dismissed the claim and said Jah Master was trying to find an entry point into the industry through a fight.

He said:

I actually took time to write and compose that song. Jah Master is a person looking for a breakthrough and might have thought pulling a stunt like that would improve hype around him. If he really was the originator of the song, why did it blow or become popular after I sang it? Why is it no one knew of the song before I sang it?.


Bus Accident

In December 2020, Hwinza was involved in a bus accident on his way back home from Capetown, South Africa. He survived the crash although he sustained minor injuries.


Hwinza (mupfana we Lula lula)kari mu Studio with another bang


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