Background information
Birth nameYoungson Kudita
Years active2008-present
LabelsJudgement Yard

I-Randu real name Youngson Kudita, is and entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO and President of Judgement Yard.

Background and Music Career

I-Randu has said that as a teenager he was inspired by the late Billiard Sinclair, also known as Jah B, who was a Jamaican national resident in Zimbabwe. he would go to Rumours Nite Club where Jah B and his Sound Stereo One performed.[1]

I-Randu moved to the UK in 1997 and continued to frequent Jamaican night clubs. In 2008 he relocated back to Zimbabwe with his family but found that reggae music was on the decline as, Jah B, who had been the main player in the reggae scene, had passed away. House music and Kwaito now dominated the club scene. [1]

He decided to open his own reggae club in Warren Park (Pamereki) and called it Judgement Yard.[1]

I-Randu then linked up with DJ Two Bad, DJ Flevah, MC Etherton Bennie and MC Abisha Palmer and found that the public wanted loved their music.[1]

In 2010 they joined up with Redfox Hotel (which is owned by Robert Zhuwawo) where they became based.[1]

I-Randu Live at a Show


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