Indigenous Business Women's Organisation
Trading name
Indigenous Business Women Organisation
FounderJane Mutasa
Headquarters73 b Central Ave, Harare, .

,Post Office box: 3710, Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: 0470 2076, 0461 4012, Harare, Zimbabwe
Key people
Jane Mutasa, James Makamba, Patrick Zhuwao

Indigenous Business Women Organisation (IBWO) is a Zimbabwean affirmative action company which operates under a consortium group called Empowerment Corporation of Zimbabwe. It was formed by a Zimbabwean businesswoman Jane Mutasa.


The Indigenous Business Women’s Organisation (IBWO) was formed in 1994 to help local women start businesses as well as offering advice to existing ones.[1]

The parent company, Empowerment Corporation of Zimbabwe has 40% stake in a local telecoms company Telecel Zimbabwe and this makes the company a strategic partner in the business. IBWO owns 9% of shares in Empowerment Corporation of Zimbabwe.[2]

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In 2010, IBWO founder Mutasa was arrested for allegedly using the company to enrich herself.[1] She was said to have indulged in corrupt activities using the name of the company to defraud people. Through IBWO, Mutasa is said to have externalised foreign currency in 2004. Later, she was also accused of exporting goods to other countries in the region through the name of the company.[1]




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