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Innbucks is a loyalty and rewards product of the Simbisa Brands Group company. The product is also used as a money transfer service.

It was created as a solution to the US Dollar cash change problem in Zimbabwe. Simbisa outlets would sell products in USD cash as an alternative to the ZWL dollars but did not have USD cents to provide as change. The Innbucks system was therefore a platform where that change could be put on for future purchases by the customer.

Innbucks was introduced in October 2021 and launched officially in November 2021. In early 2022, Simbisa reported that the service had been "well received in the market."

Innbucks can be used either via the Innbucks mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store, or use the USSD platform: *569#.

How Innbucks works

Users of the service can

  • Deposit up to US$200 into their InnBucks account. That cash can be withdrawn from the account
  • Purchase food from Simbisa Brands outlets such as Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn, Pizza Inn, Bakers Inn with that money. Customers can also purchase at Nandos, Steers, Haefelis, Fish Inn, and Grab & Go.
  • Pay for others. They call it BFF, Buy For Friend.
  • Store their change in the account, instead of being forced to spend it on what they had not planned to spend on

If a user signs up for the service they get:

  • discounts of at least 1% off every purchase
  • regular exclusive ‘VIP’ specials, which are special prices for participants
  • rewards for every purchase, i.e. points for loyalty to Simbisa brands which can eventually be enough to purchase a meal

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Innbucks Company Information

The Innbucks Managing Director is William Honiball. At launch, Honiball said the plan was to expand Innbucks to other countries where Simbisa operates. Simbisa has operations in 9 African countries.


On 20 April 2022, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) directed InnBucks to stop operating after it failed to register in compliance with regulatory requirements. InnBucks was given a period of 30 days from the date of the press statement to round up operations.

In a statement, RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya said the order was with immediate effect.

"The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe advises the public that it has ordered Simbisa Brands (Pvt) Ltd to cease operating the money transfer service branded or styled InnBucks, with immediate effect. In November 2021, the bank directed InnBucks to apply for and obtain necessary approvals in order to continue offering the service.

To date, the company has not yet regularised the service as directed, hence the inevitable regulatory intervention by the Bank.

The cessation of the service means that customers shall no longer be able to deposit funds into the InnBucks account or transfer the funds to third parties. However, customers may redeem their balances for cash or goods at Simbisa Brands (Pvt) Ltd outlets within a period of 30 days from date of the Press statement."


In a response to the statement by the RBZ, Simbisa Brands said they were working to resolve the matter. The statement read:

"InnBucks has been and remains engaged with the regulator in respect of its ADLA license. Regrettably, an impasse has occurred in respect of which the Simbisa Board is engaging the regulator with a view of achieving a speedy and amicable resolution.

Pending further statements, we assure you that funds held in the InnBucks accounts remain secure and all product purchases and cash withdrawals will be honoured as per regulations.

Thank you for putting your trust in us."




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