Isaac Chirwa
BornIsaac Chirwa
  • Musician.
Known forSinging

Isaac Chirwa is a Zimbabwean musician well known for his hit song Uthando kuwe.


Chirwa was born and raised in Mbare in the then Rhodesia. [1]


His first musical group was Go For Star 22 which he joined in the 1970s. He later teamed up with John and Bernard Indi in 1979. The trio recorded two pop singles; “Everybody Has Got To Know I Love You” and “Listen” at Robinson House Studio. However, the sales of these records failed to impress. With time Chirwa’s group showed brilliance and began to challenge well-known established bands.[2]


At the age of 19, Chirwa joined the band Darma after being approached by Sam Salis, the band's manager. He joined the band after being persuaded by John Indi. In 1979 Darma merged with another big group called Movement. Chirwa was among the musicians chosen from both groups. [3]

Heart Mind and Creation

After playing for a few months with Darma, Chirwa joined another group, Heart Mind and Creation band in 1980.In 1981 they released a reggae single, “Jah Music”. Between 1982 and 1984 he went out of the music business but later returned to team up with David Chadoka and they released the song “Uyai”.[4]

Mazana to Present

He later joined the Mazana Movement and together they recorded songs like “Roger Confirm” and “Love, Time and Money”. In 1990 he produced his first solo effort, a single called “On The Radio”.

This was followed by an album in 1991 entitled “United States of Africa”. In later years Chirwa joined Mechanic Manyeruke’s band where he played bass to gospel music.

After the stint with Manyeruke, he joined Jonathan Moyo’s Pax Afro and continued with this outfit until 2011. Chirwa has his own recording studio.[5]