Jabulani Dhliwayo
Jabulani Dliwayo.jpg
Born15 April 1960
Alma materUniversity of Sierra Leone, Laurentian University ,University of Kent
OccupationEngineer , Entrepreneur
OrganizationICT Africa

Jabulani Dhliwayo is a Zimbabwean physics and IT expert and the founder of ICT Africa.[1]



Dhliwayo his primary school at the United Church of Christ mission school at Mt. Silinda. Because disruptions caused by the armed struggle in Southern Rhodesia, Jabulani was forced to pursue his studies at Jersey Secondary school in Zimbabwe, in camps in Mozambique and at Ahmadiyya High School in Sierra Leone. He graduated with a B.Sc Education from the University of Sierra Leone, an M.Sc. in Physics from Laurentian University in Canada and a PhD in Physics from the University of Kent in the UK.


In 1975, Jabulani Dhliwayo went to Mozambique to join the ZANLA revolutionary movement led by Robert Mugabe to fight the Ian Smith regime. Dhliwayo went to Chimoio via Machaze and Chibavava training camps and witnessed the 1977 Chimoio attacks by the Rhodesian forces.[1]

At Zimbabwe's Independence Jabulani went back to Zimbabwe and took up teaching positions at Chindunduma High School and Harare Polytechnic.

When he finished his PhD Jabulani pursued engineering, he became a scientist and took up management positions at Ando Corporation in Maryland, USA, and at Corning Incorporated in New York, USA, before establishing ICT Africa. As a scientist, Jabulani developed novel measurement systems for photonics and fiber optics.[2]


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