Jah Frossy

Jah Frossy di leopard also known as Mr Tsunami is a Zimdancehall musician.


Jah Frossy was born in Beitbridge and moved to South Africa. He returned to Zimbabwe when he was school-going age. He lived with my grandfather and mother in Triangle

Real Name

His real name is Prosper Mazongo Makonye.


Jah Frossy was born on 9 April 2002.


  • Mobile: +263774281894


Jah Frossy went to Nyati primary and then enrolled at Buffalo Range Secondary School for his Ordinary Level. For his Advanced Level education, Jah Frossy enrolled at Terry Goss High School.


He started music 2014 when he was in 2014. He recorded his first song featuring PK at Massives Production in 2017. In October that year he released two singles produced by Prof Lalo in Chiredzi. At the time Jah Frossy was using the moniker Ninja Stellah Tee. In 2018 he released a song titled Streetkids at Massives Production in Triangle. In February 2018 he changed his name to Jah Frossy. In 2020 he released five songs Rekeni Dzembada, Fake Friends, Better Future, Ndopedza Masports, Uri Ngirozi. On 1 March 2021, he released the songs Letter to Sho Madjozi and Nyaya Dzekudenga.