Jesesi Mungoshi
Jesesi Mungoshi.jpg
  • Actress
Known forPlaying the role of Neria.
Spouse(s)Charles Mungoshi (late)
ChildrenFarayi, Graham, Nyasha, Charles Mungoshi Jr, Tsitsi

Jesesi Mungoshi is a Zimbabwean actress popularly known for playing the role of Neria.


She was born on 7 July 1954 and was married to the late prominent writer Charles Mungoshi and together they had five children, four sons and a daughter namely Farayi, Graham, Nyasha, Charles Mungoshi Jr, and Tsitsi.[1] Charles Mungoshi died on 16 February 2019.


She started her acting career in 1984 in the movie, Inongove Njake Njake and landed the leading role in Neria after the producer of the movie, John Riber saw her on African Journey, which was a Canadian TV series. Before her role as Neria, Jesesi featured in other television dramas that include Ndabve Zera, Roja, Mainini Franscisca, Ngozi and Makunun’unu Maodzamwoyo.[2]

Her role in Neria opened doors and opportunities for her and she established her company JM Productions. She produced documentaries such as The Mystery of Mt Nyangani, Journey To The Ocean as well as a film titled Rwendo that was made in the United Kingdom. Jesesi worked on a documentary called Camarada Presidente which is based on the life of the late President of Mozambique, Samora Machel. It received a mention in the Dubai International Film Festival.[1]

With the help of sons, she launched Mungoshi Press that published her husband’s book “Branching Streams Flow in the Dark” in 2013. Her sons Farai and Charles (Junior) have also published “Behind the Wall Everywhere” and “Candle Light Thoughts” respectively under the family stable. Jesesi’s JM Productions recently shot a film for the book “Makunun’unu Maodzamwoyo” and are raising funds for the remaining production processes.[2]

Achievements and Awards

On 19 May 2017 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Great Zimbabwe University, in recognition of her contribution to the development of the country’s film industry, at the premier of the film Solo naMutsai held at Charles Austin Theatre in Masvingo.[3]


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