Jini Enock Gwaula Ntuta was an early nationalist, and in 1980 was the Minister of Mines and Energy Resources. He was elected to the House of Assembly for Matabeleland North in 1980, for PF Zapu and was PF Zapu Secretary for Defence and Legal Affairs, and a member of the PF Zapu Executive Council. [1]

Personal Details

Born: 10 September 1924, at Tjolotjo (Tsholotsho).
Marriage: With eight children in 1980.

School / Education

Attended St Ninians, and then the government school at Tjolotjo (Tsholotsho) in 1939. Taught shoemaking, leatherwork, and tannery, finished 1944.

Service / Career

Be came active in politics due to Benjamin Burombo's Voice Association.
1946 - set up leatherwork business in Bulawayo.
1963 - set up Fish and Chip shop in Bulawayo.
Active in ANC. Became member of NDP Branch Executive Committee when it was formed. Then same branch when ZAPU formed. Then PCC in 1964.
Detained at Wha Wha when PCC banned.
Released, 1971.
Detained 1978.
Memeber of Bulawayo Football Association.


Further Reading

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