Jiti (spelt Jit by Americans and Europeans) is a Zimbabwean genre of music and a dance. The beat has a fast rhythm played on drum and mbira as well as a guitar. It was popular in Zimbabwe in the 80s and 90s but it's popularity waned as other genres such as Sungura, Chimurenga, Afro Jazz and Zimdancehall emerged.

While they can not be referred to as Jiti musicians, most of the popular Zimbabwean musicians such as [[[Oliver Mtukudzi]], James Chimombe and even the more modern Enzo Ishall have Jiti songs. In Mtukudzi case his most known is Chimbambaira Chiri Mupoto. Ishall's 2019 Mhamha was also a popular Jiti song.

Popular Jiti Musicians