John Tallach High School
John Tallach High School
The Front John Tallach High School in 1985
Ingwenya, Matabeleland
PrincipalB Ncube
Vice principalNorma Maclean
Gradesordinary and advanced level
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John Tallach High School is a Presbyterian Church of Scotland boarding school located in Ingwenya, a rural area 40 km outside Bulawayo, in Matabeleland North Province. It enrolls about 600 students at a time. It has a strong academic record usually coming tops in pass rates compared other high schools in the country. In 2013, ‘O’ level pass rate was top in Matabeleland and taking 4th place nationally.

John Tallach had its first A' Level class sitting for examinations in 2013 and the students achieved 100% pass rate.
The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Ordinary Level results for November 2018 were 100 percent, making it the first of the top 100 schools.

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Entry Requirements

The school does not require that students be of the Presbyterian Church to be enrolled. Pupils come from a wide variety of religious and economic backgrounds. Some come from Free Presbyterian Church homes while others are Seventh Day Adventist, Pentecostal or Roman Catholic.

School Day Schedule

The school day starts with breakfast at 6 am at the dining hall. This is immediately followed by worship. Classrooms are then swept before assembly at 6:45 am in summer and 7:20 am in winter. Assembly starts with the singing of two verses from a psalm, led by a prefect, followed by the prayer and any announcements for the day. There are eight 40 minute lessons before lunch with a 30 minute interval after period four. After lunch pupils do some manual work, typically raking paths or cutting grass or lifting litter.

Afternoon studies start at 3 pm and last for two hours. Some practical subjects are arranged in the afternoon due to timetabling constraints. Day pupils go home after this study session. After dinner boarding pupils return to school for and hour and a half of evening studies which finish at 8 pm. By 9 o’clock lights are out in the dormitories. On Friday evening pupils have an evening off from studies and do a variety of activities. Friday afternoon and Saturdays are free with nothing timetabled.

Boarding Facilities

Sadza/Isitshwala is the main food for students and they take it with different relish each day. The school has its own herd of cattle which provide a large percentage of the meat consumed at the dining hall.

Pupils hand wash their own clothes and clean classrooms.


  • School’s headmaster: B Ncube whose
  • Deputy Head: Norma Maclean

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