Desiigner Jay Tee

John ‘Desiigner Jay Tee’ Mazhinye is a Zimbabwean designer who has designed outfits for Winky D, DJ Fantan, and Enzo Ishall among many others. Desiigner Jay Tee runs S.o.G Clothing Company.


John Tendai Mazhinye was born in Chitungwiza.


Desiigner Jay Tee did his primary school at Fungisai Primary and went to high school at Seke 1 High. After finishing his A levels, he started working for a cellphone company from 2015 until 2017.[1]


Desiigner Jay Tee started sewing and designing in 2012, but learnt how to tailor-make stuff in 2017 of which he didn’t go to school. It took him six months to be able to complete one product and learn from people he used to give his work to.

The clothing company S.o.G was founded between 2013 and 2014 before he officially started taking orders from people under his brand. T-shirts, hoodies, caps were first to be known since they had his logo, S.o.G, and during that time, he was dressing Noble Stylz. He started the Saints of God (S.o.G) Clothing Company, born out of inspiration by Christian hip-hop.

He designed the outfit Mbeu wore in his song Ndoringa featuring Mambo Dhuterere.[2]


Jay Tee has two awards for best male apparel designer, two nominations for best brand and a certificate of appreciation from three different competitions/fashion shows including the 2016 Castle Tankard, Summer Fashion and Style Awards and Zim Hip-Hop Awards.[2]


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