John Moxon

John Ralph Thomas Moxon, born on 2 November 1944,[1] is a prominent business person with interests in Zimbabwe's retail, banking, insurance and properties and mining industries. He's mostly known for his position as the Executive Director of Meikles Limited which is one of Zimbabwe's most successful companies.

Academic Background

Moxon is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and also holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cape Town.[2]

Career at Meikles

Moxon joined Meikles group in 1970. In 1980, he was appointed chair of Tanganda Tea Limited which was an affiliate entity of Meikles Africa Limited.[1] In 1983, he was appointed the Chairman of Meikles Consolidated Holdings Private Limited. In 1996 he was appointed non-executive chairman of Meikles Africa in the Department of Consumer Goods Fashion and Retail. He was re-appointed Chairman of Meikles Limited in June 2011.

Business Interests

Moxon has interests in different business areas. These include the retail sector in which he has a considerable stake in Greatermans Stores which is a local departmental store.[3] He also has interests in TM Supermarkets which has branches countrywide in Zimbabwe. In 2014, Moxon entered into the banking sector through his signing of a memorandum of agreement with TN Holdings led by Tawanda Nyambirai. He also to entered into a partnership with Nigel Chanakira's Kingdom Bank Kingdom/Meikles Empire but the deal ended bitterly due to some irregularities.[3]


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