Jonathan Mashingaidze
Jonathan Mashingaidze
BornJonathan Mashingaidze
  • Chief Executive Officer: ZIFA.

Jonathan Mashingaidze is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA).

Stance on Asiagate Scandal

Jonathan Mashingaidze has maintained a very tough stance on those that were accused of having partaken in the match fixing scandal arguing that the fingered individuals should face criminal charges. It was reported that Mashingaidze told a parliamentary hearing that several journalists such as Hope Chizuzu and Robson Sharuko had been part of the Asiagate scandal.[1] Mashingaidze was also kidnapped in what many believed was closely linked to accusations he had made to various individuals and their involvement in the Asiagate scandal. He was also taken to court after he made claims that Ovidy Karuru and Knowledge Musona had been spotted leaving the office of Henrietta Rushwaya thereby linking them to the Asiagate scandal.

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Mashingaidze has been in the news for a number of controversial reasons ranging from his poor administration and more recently verbal attacking government officials. There have been widespread media reports which claimed that Mashingaidze's conduct was unbecoming as he was exploiting the close relationship that he had with Cuthbert Dube to railroad decisions which would otherwise need approval from board members.[2] Mashingaidze's conduct is also said to have alienated him from other ZIFA board members due to his alleged undermining of their authority and disregarding the law.[3] The ZIFA chief executive was also quoted in the media saying that the deputy minister of was an "ignorant" and "ill informed" who was meddling in the affairs of the game.[4]

Leaving ZIFA

On 26 April 2016, mashingaidze was fired from his CEO post at ZIFA.


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