Bishop Joshua Dhube was an early nationalist, elected to the House of Assembly in 1980.

  • 1971 - Joined ANC (Muzoremwa)
  • 1972 - Chairman ANC branches, Melsetter (Chimanimani) area
  • 1977 - Worked for Legal Aid Organisation
  • 1980 - Zanu PF MP, Manicaland.

Personal Details

Born: 10 January 1934, Mutmbara Mission, Melsetter District.
Father a teacher and pastor. Originally South African Mission Church, renamed United Baptist Church.
Marriage: April 1960.

School / Education

Primary: Ndima, then Rusitu Mission.
Bible School, Rusitu Mission.
Entered the church. Studies in Swaziland.
1971 - BSc Bible, Philadelphis College of Bible Studies. (Also studied Law at La Salle Extension University in Chicago - finished in detention). [1]

Service / Career

July 1971, returned to Chimanimani. Consecrated Bishop at Biriri School.
Joined UANC. Activist during Pearce Commission. Worked underground. Both Rhodesian govt. and Church opposed to political activities.
1975 - arrested. Detained, Wha Wha.
1977 - released. Volunteers for Zanu PF.
1980 - elected, House of Assembly, Zanu PF. Manicaland.


Further Reading

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