Josphat Mutekedza
Simon Kundai Musanhu
Born (1979-08-13) August 13, 1979 (age 42)
  • Former British Soldier
Known forAlleged murder of Miriam Nyazema
RelativesDaughter: Chipo

Josphat Mutekedza is a Zimbabwean born male who was accused of having stabbed Miriam Nyazema after an altercation in the United Kingdom. He is also a former member of the British army.


Josphat was born on August 13, 1979.[1] He has a daughter named Chipo.


He served in the British army.

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Murder Charges

Mutekedza was charged with murder and possession of firearms following the fatal stabbing of Miriam Nyazema. The other person who had been arrested over the matter was released without charge but Mutekedza was charged and was set to appear in court on July 30 in Manchester.[1] Neighbours are said to have reported an altercation before a gunshot was fired. Moments later, one of the two males was seen knocking on the doors of neighbours asking for help. It was however not clear whether Josphat was the one asking for help or it was the other male who was later released with no charge. Although several attempts were made to administer first aid to Miriam, she eventually died at hospital due to the severity of her stab wounds.

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