Joyful Praise Choir (JPC) is a popular contemporary gospel group based in Gweru.

Evolution And Development

The choir was founded in 2013 by Gamaliel Madindi. The group became popular following their hit song Ngoro Yeminana in 2018. Their first two attempts at recording live DVDs in 2014 and 2015 flopped. [1]

Joyous Praise Chior's first DVD in 2013 never came out, after they used an amateur studio and they lost everything. In 2014 they recorded Zvangu Zvaita with Mono Mukundu.[2]


  • Zvangu Zvaita (2014)
  • Jesus’ Love (2016)
  • Jesus Saves (2018)


Ngoro Yeminana Joyfull Praise Choir ft Rudo Tania Madindi
Pese Pese Joyfull Praise Choir ft Rudo Tania Madindi


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