Justin Zvandasara
BornJustin Zvandasara
  • Land Developer.
Political partyZimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front

Justin Zvandasara is a Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front Central Committee member and businessman who specialises in land development. He was jailed for a period of two years for for allegedly defrauding fellow land developer Jonathan Gapare of four million dollars before the ruling was overturned and Zvandasara declared innocent.


Zvandasara is a politician affiliated to the ruling party, Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front and a director with Pilgrims Rest Properties which specialises in property development.


Zvandasara and Tichaona Saruware are said to have grabbed 84 000 hectares of land belonging to fellow ZANU PF member and legislator for Mutare South constituency, Nyasha Chikwinya. Zvandasara and his alleged accomplices are said to have allocated the land to unsuspecting home seekers of a housing cooperative which he was said to own.[1] Chikwinya had been allocated land by the council in Hatcliffe which she had started developing under Hatcliffe North phase two but Zvandasara and Saruware were alleged to have misrepresented to unsuspecting home-seekers that they had legally acquired the same piece of land and sold 496 stands to people who immediately occupied the land. [2] Initiallly Zvandasara and his accomplice were convicted on fraud charges and slapped with a four year jail sentence and two were suspended on the condition of good behaviour.[3] He was later on released in 2014 on bail and insisted that he had been convicted when there were no essential elements of fraud involved. In 2015, Zvandasara's conviction was overturned and he was declared innocent and cleared of any wrongdoing.

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