Justine (or Justin) Chivavaya was housing and community services manager for the City of Harare (CoH). In 2014, he was one of those forced to take early retirement. A 2016 audit revealed he was part of a employment-cost scam that saw them take away about $200 000 (enough to buy a house then), and they were again dismissed. In April 2018, he was employed by the Local Government Board as Marondera's Director of Housing and Community Services. And in November 2018, the former CoH Finance Director took CoH to court and won his case of wrongful dismissal for the 2014 forced early retirement. Creating a precedent for all others also involved.

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Service / Career

2014 – Forced early retirement from City of Harare, Housing and Community Services Manager. April 2018 - Marondera Municipality Housing Director.


A 2016 audit of Harare City Council (HCC)’s payroll and employment costs compliance has revealed that the local authority overpaid performance bonuses and retrenchment packages by more than $1, 6 million.

Of the 10 executives who received retrenchment packages, nine were overpaid and they included former housing director Justine Chivavaya, former finance director Cosmas Zvikaramba and ex-urban planning director Psychology Chiwanga – who each received more than $200 000. [1]

The 2014 forced retirement of six CoH employees was been challenged in court in November 2018, with Justice Rita Makarau sitting with Ben Hlatshwayo and Bharat Patel setting aside the retirements. Others who may now claim wrongful dismissal and payments include former business development manager Cosmas Zvikaramba, housing and community services manager Justine Chivavaya, Urban planning services manager Psychology Chiwanga, Stanley Mungofa (health) and director amenities Dombo Chibanda. [2]

In April, 2018, Justin Chivavaya, former Harare City housing director, began work 1 March, taking over from Admore Nhekairo, who resigned and joined Harare City Council as housing director. Marondera Councillors were against his appointment, some wanted a full council meeting to deliberate on how council employed him without their approval. Town Clerk, Josiah Musuwo gave no comment, and Mayor, Anthony Makwindi was reportedly out of office. Marondera municipality confirmed his appointment in a public statement, advising the stakeholders that the Local Government Board had appointed a new director of housing and community services.

Ward 3 councillor, Bornface Tagwirei confirmed they had received letters as councillors to the effect that Chivavaya was appointed as the new housing director by government. Last November a full council meeting Town Clerk Josiah Musuwo to restart the interview process for the post, citing lack of transparency. They cited Chivavaya’s poor track record during his stint with Harare City Council, among other reasons. Musuwo defended the process and said the appointment was done procedurally and was approved by the Local Government ministry. 130 people had applied for the job before they were whittled down to 30, four finalists were then referred to the ministry, resulting in Chivavaya bouncing back into local governance. [3]

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