Ke NaKo Muzik
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Cities covered by licenseAll over Zimbabwe
Broadcast areaHarare Northern Suburb
SloganKe Na Ko Muzik
Language(s)English, Shona, Ndebele
Callsign meaningThe name Ke Nako means time and to me, according to the Bible- “This is the reason why we have adopted our 2016 theme as ‘Success and more success.[1]
AffiliationsVarious Artists Including Stunner, Seh Calaz,Ammara Brown, Killer T, Tocky Vibes and Roki
OwnerPeter Gwaza
(webcasting: Content provider and Webcasting Server Facility)


Founded in 2014

Peter Gwaza

peter gwaza

The man who has built Kenako from its Fundementals ,Dr.Gwaza who has a Doctrate in Engineering, not much of a public figure but he is the motor that generates success for this Franchise although he remains in the background his work demands attention because it is inevitably visible. He is a pure "Workaholic". The 50 year old says

I feel like a 20-year-old, all thanks to the traditional foods I eat and my working approach. If you would ask me about my lifestyle, I would tell you that it is sort of boring, it is not complicated and I like it that way. I am not too much of a mafaro person, being a workaholic, but on this day when I turned 50, I decided to indulge myself and spoil my close friends, relatives and business associates “But the fact is that I speak work and eat work that sometimes if you ask me what I do for a living I might not be able to tell you because I too busy trying this and that and expect positive results out of it,” said Dr Gwaza, who is the publisher of Parade magazine.

“I believe success starts from somewhere and with it is God first above anything else,” said the entrepreneur, who is also a Christian although he says he has the liberty of attending any church of his choice when he feels it.[1]


Ke Na Ko is primarily a Recording Label.The Music Studio content is mostly music of many Genres.

Artists and DJs Affiliated With

DJ's and Producers

DJ Tamuka

Dj tamuka

Kenako Supreme Producers are the soul developers of this recording label and one mighty DJ is Tamuka Makuluni who completes the duo. Tamuka a graphic designer, DJ, producer and marketer, highly talented voice over artist and so much more including designing the KENAKO LOGO. He grew up in the high density surburb of Mkoba in Gweru where his life in music started as being a DJ in pubs. A master in all genres, playing sungura in Gweru pubs, worked with artists such as Nasty Trix, Madiz (Kazeve zeve) and Maskiri. His roots in Gweru are linked to old time friend Oskid as they produced beats together from way back in 2007. Tamuka has to his name the best producer award from ZIMA and is the producer behind the Dancehall kings riddim, the most loved Godfather riddim,the summer turn up riddim and kenako vol 2 the compilation

Kenako vol2 compilation

His production ZVAKANAKA by Simba Tagz is ranked 2nd on the Zi World chat show. He also Facilitated contributed to the album launch of famous star Roki.

  • Roki
    Rocky album launch by ke Na Ko
  • Nutty O
  • Taurai
  • Ex Q
  • Ti gonzi
  • Seh Calaz
  • Killer T



Peter Gwaza says:

As you know most of people are always logged in on the internet either via mobile devices or even the TV and we think technology is growing. Internet is the way to go. You can just take a survey of people who are on facebook and that alone justifies doing it at this moment.

He cited Statutory Instrument 69 of 2011[2]




Video Gallery

Alleluya - EXQ and ROKI (Official Video) by KENAKO MUZIKOfficial Video
The Kenako Muzik Episode (Audio) Official Video


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