Kevin Terry

Kevin Terry is a Zimbabwean banker with interests in banking, properties, insurance and retail. He was the Managing Director for one of the country's leading banks Central African Building Society(CABS) up until January 2015 before being transferred to Kenya to assist in Old Mutual's East African expansion drive.

Education History

Terry attended St George's College between 1969 - 1974 before going on to do a Barchelor of Law Degree with the University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe).[1]

Work History

Previously Terry was the Public Prosecutor at Ministry Home Affairs and a Legal Practitioner at Stumbles & Row.[2] Terry has held various positions at Old Mutual Zimbabwe and was promoted to Assistant General Manager (Investments) and then Managing Director Old Mutual Unit Management Company (Pvt) Ltd on launch. He was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited on 1 September 2012 assisting Jonas Mushosho.[2] In January 2015 Terry was relocated to Kenya to aide in the expansion of Old Mutual's East African initiative.

Career at CABS

He joined CABS as General Manger in 2000 and was responsible for banking operations throughout the country and Marketing. Terry represented CABS as a director at Zimswitch (the national payment switch). He was Chairman of the Holding Company, Zimswitch before his depature for Kenya.[2]


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