Khulu Bush Camp

Khulu Bush Camp is the smaller, more intimate sister lodge to its neighbouring Ivory Lodge. Khulu Bush Camp is a tribute to Cedric Wilde, one of the Directors of the Amalinda Safari Collection, who it is named after. Khulu is the community and staff’s affectionate name for Cedric and it means ‘grandfather’. If you are lucky enough to be in camp with Khulu himself your evenings will be spent around the fire, talking of days gone by and strumming to old country tunes.

The camp combines luxurious and private accommodation with old world hospitality. Khulu overlooks an ancient riverbed, in today’s terms called a ‘vlei’, known to attract a variety of the greatest wildlife and bird life in Hwange National Park, right on your doorstep.

Khulu's retreat

Lying close to the main Khulu Bush Camp, Khulu’s Retreat is a gorgeous new lodge the Stead family has created just for you. Featuring 2 large main suites, the Khulu’s Retreat creates the perfect “one with nature” atmosphere through tall glass pane windows with the best views from the comfort of your bed. En-suite bathrooms with beautiful white marble tops and an open-plan dining, kitchen and lounge area create a tranquil flow throughout the lodge. Through the open-plan, follow the flow towards the spacious teak deck and all the way down to the fire pit which opens up to one of the ancient Hwange Vlei’s. Enjoy a peaceful and memorable stay, assured through friendly companions; a private chef and private guide with a private game drive vehicle, allowing a unique experience in one of the most beautiful locations in Africa.

The Community

  • The Mother Africa anti-poaching unit patrols the 6000 acre Ivory concession.
  • Building predator-proof bomas/kraals for the villagers to keep cattle safe from predators at night.
  • The Mother Africa Trust aids Infrastructure Development at the nearby Mabale Primary School.
  • Mother Africa Trust supports senior citizens living at Dete Old Age Home.
  • The Mother Africa Trust sources resources for nearby schools and cultivates a friendly learning environment for students. Zimbabwe Hotels and Lodges