King Kandoro
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Known forMadhorofiya Republik

King Kandoro (real name Mukudzei Kandoro Majoni) is a popular Zimbabwean comedian. He is most known for his comedy skits with Magamba TV, a podcast known as Sadza in the morning and solo stage performances.


Kandoro became known for his Madhorofiya Republik skits around 2017. Madhorofiya Republik came to house his other creative work including Sadza in the Morning podcast, an animated series called PaJecha and Madhorofiya Socials.

King Kandoro and Nickk Titan during a Sadza in the morning recording

At around the same time he started working with Mindless TV‘s Nickk Titan on a podcast called Sadza in the Morning. The podcast grew to become one of the most listened to podcasts in Zimbabwe.[1]

Nickk and Kandoro also worked together on a shortlived Youtube comedy show called Mindless TV in 2016.

King is also involved with Magamba TV, where he writes, acts and produces several productions including popular Zambezi News and The Week with Cde Fatso.

Conspiracy Theories

In December 2019, King Kandoro successfully hosted a solo comedy show, Conspiracy Theories in Harare. Kandoro said the show was about introducing himself to Zimbabwe:

“I want to use the show to introduce myself and my comedy to Zimbabwe and beyond as a solo act. I have been performing stand up since August 2015 and up until now my story has been shared in bits and pieces. This show will be the “full story”, of the people that made me, where I come from and the things I think about in the middle of the night.”[2]

Conspiracy Theories King Kandoro


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