King Tazvida
King Tazvida, Musician
BornZaka, Masvingo
EducationZimbabwe College of Music
  • Musician.
Years active2012 to present
Home townMasvingo
RelativesSystem Tazvida, Peter Tazvida, Isaac Tazvida

King Tazvidza is a Sungura musician who is now the leader of the Chazezesa Challengers an outfit which was formed by his late brother, System Tazvida in 1993.


King was born in Zaka, Masvingo.[1] He went to the Zimbabwe College of Music and he completed his studies in 2005.[1]


King set off as a member of the now defunct, Shungu Boys which was led by Owen Soup who is now based in Bulawayo with Ndlowane Super Sounds.[2] King was a guitarist. From Shungu Boys, King decided to revive his brother's band after his siblings, Peter Tazvida who died in 2002 and Isaac Tazvida who relocated to Mozambique in 2008 as well as Leeroy Lunga failed to rejuvenate System's band after his death in 1999.[3]

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King stated that the idea to revive Chazezesa Challengers came up about when he realised that he was capable of reviving his brother's legacy being inspired by musicians like Sulumani Chimbetu, Tryson Chimbetu who followed their father's footsteps. In September 2012, King assembled The Chazezesa Challengers. He incorporated Adam Jafari, who was a former member of the band when it was being led by Peter Tazvida and Eliah Chimbika.[2]

A Kadoma based businessman, Alex Maketa, who is the owner of Six Million Bar vowed to offer his support to King.[4] He offered to purchase equipment for him on the basis that he was a staunch fan of System Tazvida. He also stated that King was to perform at his joint.[4]

On 8, February 2014, King hosted a memorial concert for System at the Book Cafe and he proved that he was indeed a force to reckon with. King is yet to release an album.[3]


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