Kudakwashe Bhasikiti
Kudakwashe Bhasikiti
Kudakwashe Bhasikiti
BornKudakwashe Bhasikiti
(1962-02-06) February 6, 1962 (age 60)
  • Politician
Known forPolitics
Home townMasvingo

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti is a Zimbabwean political figure and senior member of new political party Zimbabwe People First. He was expelled from government as the resident minister of Masvingo Province in 2014. He was eventually expelled from the ZANU-PF party in 2015 following factionalism allegations.


Kudakwashe Bhasikiti was born 6 February 1962.

Alleged Corruption

Bhasikiti is said to have been involved in a dubious arrangement which saw him benefitting from the proceeds of Montana Ranch whose profits should have benefitted the council. It was alleged that when Bhasikiti was elected council chairman in 2006, he overturned the previous arrangement which would have directly benefited the council and started selling the meat himself promising to deposit the funds into the council's coffers but he did not honour his word.[1] Bhasikiti sold all the meat in his butchery and never remitted any profits to the council. In 2008, the former minister was also accused of having distributed farm implements through improper channels by distributing them when the District Administrator was supposed to distribute them. Bhasikiti is said to have distributed the farm implements to a few of his cronies who had campaigned for him.[1]

Political career

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has been in the ZANU PF fold for quite a lengthy period of time and has held several posts both in government and the party. In the elections of 2008, Bhasikiti won the seat for the house of assembly for Mwenezi East in Masvingo Province under a ZANU PF ticket.[2] Bhasikiti was also the Provincial Affairs minister for Masvingo. Bhasikiti is reported to be a very violent character with thuggish tendencies.[3] The former ZANU PF politiburo member was fingered to have been fanning factionalism in the party and was also linked to a plot to unseat president Robert Mugabe.[4] Following the mounting allegations, there were calls from certain sections within the party to have Bhasikiti and his accomplices to be removed from their posts in the party and government. War veterans in the province carried out a demonstration in which they called for the dismissal of Bhasikiti from the party. In defiance of the protestations for him to step down, Bhasikiti went to contest and won elections to be the district's representative in the Zanu PF Central Committee.[5]

After having been voted to take a post in the ZANU-PF central committee, Bhasikiti was barred from attending the 2014 edition of the ZANU-PF congress. The decision to bar Bhasikiti was arrived at by the party’s Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC), which convened at Masvingo Polytechnic College. The meeting unanimously agreed to replace Bhasikiti by Cuthbert Muzara while Rtd Brigadier General Livingstone Chineka replaced Mutandwa. The PCC made its decision to bar Bhasikiti and his co accused on the grounds that the pair was aligned to joice Mujuru who was said to have haboured intentions to oust president Robert Mugabe.[6] At the height of factional fights, Bhasikiti is said to have cried in a politiburo session. It was reported that Bhasikiti attacked those opposed to Mujuru and on several instances came to the defence of Mujuru up until he was overcome with emotions and ended up crying and in a pool of tears. There were also reports in which it was claimed that Bhasikiti was told by the president that he was in the wrong "basket" an analogy meant to characterise Bhasikiti's position in the ZANU PF factions.

Dismissal From Party

Bhasikiti was dismissed from the parliament after the ZANU-PF party wrote to the August House arguing that the former Politburo member was no longer representing the interests of the party. He thus ceased to represent Mwenezi East Constituency and the seat was bound to be declared vacant.[7]

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Controversial Statements

The former Zanu Pf politiburo member was captured in the media as having said that during the days of the inclusive government, things were running smoothly than they were after the expiry of the inclusive government. Bhasikiti's utterances were interpreted as having confirmed earlier speculations that he was part of a clique aligned to former vice president Mujuru which sought to delay the holding of the harmonised elections and the removal of president Mugabe from office.

Tokwe Mukosi Debacle

Bhasikiti was embroiled in an altercation with the people that had been resettled from Tokwe Mukosi over the promises that he had made to the people which he later on failed to honour. The resettled people were said to be living under squalid conditions in which they were exposed to rain and had also lost their livestock. There were other reports which claimed that the minister and other senior government officials had stolen some of the items that were meant for the Tokwe Mukosi victims. The former resident minister nonetheless denied the allegations arguing that the system adopted by the government to ensure that the goods donated reach the intended beneficiaries is fool proof and transparent for proper reconciliation.[8]


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