'Kudira Jecha is shortcut for a Shona phrase Kudira Jecha mu Sadza which lossely translates to pouring sand into the sadza which is a staple dish for Zimbabweans.



Political Meaning

The statement according to a columnist for The Herald is "a highly popularised political strategy synoymous with the MDC Alliance". The columnist goes no to state that the strategy is meant to derail "any economic transformation strategy put in place by Zanu-PF regardless of how practical and doable it will be"[1].

Appearing before the Motlante Commission MDC Alliance presidential candidate in the 2019 Elections Nelson Chamisa said the statement is synonymous with the statement Bhora Musango which means voting for a non Zanu-PF candidate. Watch the video below of Chamisa explaining the Kudira Jecha Strategy

Chamisa explains "Kudira Jecha muSadza" & Origin of Winky D's KaSong Kejecha - 26 Nov 2018
  1. ‘Pouring sand in the dish’. . . A self-defeating political strategy, The Herald, published: December 22, 2018, Retrieved: October 27, 2019