Kuwadzana is a high density residential location located in Zimbabwe's capital city Harare.

Geographical location

Kuwadzana is located on the south western end of Harare the capital city. It lies just south of the Bulawayo highway. The suburb is about 11 kilometers from the Central Business District of Harare.[1]


In the 2000 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Kuwadzana returned to Parliament:

Following the death of Learnmore Jongwe in 22 October 2002, a by election was held 29–30 March 2003. The result, Kuwadzana returned to Parliament:

In the 2013 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Kuwadzana returned to Parliament:

  • Lucia Matibenga of MDC–T with 8 564 votes or 61.31 percent,
  • Betty Nhambu of Zanu PF with 4 345 votes or 31.10 percent,
  • Kurauone Chihwayi of MDC–N with 960 votes or 6.87 percent,
  • 1 other with 100 votes or 0.72 percent.

Total 13 969 votes

In the 2013 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Kuwadzana East returned to Parliament:

  • Nelson Chamisa of MDC–T with 7 967 votes or 71.81 percent,
  • Fortune Gumbo of Zanu PF with 2 465 votes or 22.22 percent,
  • Evelyn Tachuana of MDC–N with 625 votes or 5.63 percent,
  • 1 other with 37 votes or 0.33 percent.

Total 11 094 votes

In the 2022 By-Elections, (see Zimbabwe By-elections (March_2022)) Kuwadzana returned to Parliament:

In 2022, Kuwadzana East returned:

Kuwadzana Local Government is made up of three wards, Ward 37 (Jason Zivai Kautsa 2018), Ward 38 (Clifton Zumba 2018), and Ward 44 (Resias Masunda 2018).

See Harare Municipality.


The suburb has a population of more than 80 000 residents who live in the area. Of this, approximately 52% are women and 48% male.[2] There are more than 20 000 households in the area.[1]

Schools and Infrastructure

Kuwadzana suburb boasts of more than seven primary schools which are administered by the City Council. In addition to that, there a numerous informal and private colleges which conduct their businesses in the homes. There are two major High Schools which accommodate the bulk of the secondary school students. The location has a library located at Kuwadzana 4 Shopping Centre which however is not functional. Besides numerous government buildings such as police stations and municipal offices, there are bigger shopping centres such as Kuwadzana 2 and Kuwadzana 4 which house businesses of various sizes and specialities. Kuwadzana Maternity Clinic located at Kuwadzana 4 provides the basic health services needed by the local populace.

See Kuwadzana 2 High School.
See Kuwadzana 3 High School.


Kuwadzana has often been in the media because of numerous controversial events which characterise the place. These include for example a case which was rumoured that a man turned into a snake causing havoc and panic in the area.[3] Earlier in 2014, the Kuwadzana was also in the spotlight when cases of Satanism at Kuwadzana 3 Primary School where pupils were said to be victimised.[3]


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