Kwese (Music Device)

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Kwese is a device that was created by Jonathan Whitaker at the 2014 Startup Weekend that aims to teach musical novices how to learn and play music in a creative way using items such as fruits and play dough.

The idea was initially pitched as Universal Instruments on the pitch night and was later refined by a team of 6 (Auxicillia Rabwi, Chenjerai Katanda (School Sports Network (SSN) founder), Gwendolene Mugodi, Kuziva Muvezwa, Anesu Mutazu and Tadzoka Pswarayi collectively being called the K-tamba team.

Using capacity sensing, Whitaker created a musical toy that allows kids to learn to play music in a fun and exciting way.

Kwese became the 2014 winners of the Startup Weekend, walking away with a total of US$78,000 worth of prizes, Whitaker being commended for his youthfulness and the solution that they are bringing to the market.