Lady Squanda
Lady Squanda, Sandra Gazi
Background information
Birth nameSandra Muchaneta Gazi
Born (1991-11-21) November 21, 1991 (age 31)
OriginMutoko father's rural home
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter
Years active2009 - present

Lady Squanda (born Born Sandra Muchaneta Gazi) is a controversial award-winning artist and one of the very few popular female artists in the male-dominated Zimdancehall music genre. The self-proclaimed Queen of Zimdancehall has performed popular tracks such as Ndinovhaira. She has been dogged with controversy, from fights over men to use of provocative and vulgar language in her songs. Lady Squanda has said her inspiration as a musician is Jamaican female reggae artists, Lady Saw.

In October 2018, Squanda was arrested on allegations of armed robbery.


Squanda was born on 22 November 1991[1], Lady Squanda was raised by her maternal grandmother Eunice Tomana in Chitungwiza after her mother would pass away when she was just 5 years old. She would only get to know her father in 2014 when they reunited.[2] Lady Squanda began performing at the age of fifteen. She soon became known for her slack style, with songs such as Cracker. Her breakthrough came when she performed at Zim Sum Fest in 2011 held year at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfields, Harare. She is said to be the mother of a child[3].


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  • Rudo
  • Ndinovhaira
  • The queen pon top
  • Havadi kundiona ndichifara
  • Unondipukuta musodzi
  • Broken english
  • Muera soko
  • Ndapfidza
  • Rasta Mukai
  • Tamba neni
  • Sinyoro
  • Usipo
  • Kukunaya here
  • Ndasimudza mureza
  • Mwana iwewe


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2013 Zim Dancehall Awards

  • Best Female Award

2014 Zim Dancehall Awards

  • Best Female Award

Controversies and Scandals


Squanda ended her marriage to Leeroy "DJ Staera" Pasi in August 2013. DJ Staera accussed Squanda of loose morals.[4] Barely a month after their separation, it was reported in the media that Squanda had found new love in the form of a man that was only identified as TJ. She announced this new found love via her WhatsApp status.[4]

Fight with fellow Zimdancehall Artist

At the Star FM Dancehall Remedy first anniversary celebrations at the Mbare Netball Complex held in August 2014, Squanda turned violent and attacked Lipsy when she hit her on the head after which she collapsed resulting in a police report being filed. Although Squanda claimed that Lipsy had initially called her a bitch via a WhatsApp message, Lipsy denied making contact with Squanda claiming that it was actually her first encounter with Squanda.[5] The rift between the two artists was also attributed to the fact that the pair was allegedly dating the same guy only identified as Bolo.[6]

In November 2014, Squanda exchanged blows with fellow artist Bounty Lisa at Sting 2014 Clash that was held at the City Sports Centre. The fight broke out when Squanda sang some obscenities directed at Bounty Lisa during their lyrical battle.[7]

Faking Her Death

She was the centre of controversy when she staged her own death in August 2013 and people even started circulating condolence messages on various platforms while she was apparently at a friend's house in Manyame Park. She is said to have generated a text message which read as follows: "Lady Squander was found dead yesterday after she drank rat poison. May her soul Rest in Peace, we love you girl".[8] which was sent to most of her contacts.

Cellphones from UK

In April 2014, Lady Squanda made the headlines when she was handed cellphones by various people in the United Kingdom and told to bring them back to Zimbabwe for the relatives of the people that had entrusted her with the consignment. She was also entrusted with other items such as cosmetics and groceries but failed to deliver the goods.[9]

Allegations of Stealing Songs

In July 2013, it was reported that she had stolen a track from fellow musician by the name Nashie. The song titled "Kuchibhorani" was at the centre of the storm, Nashie alleged that he had approached Squanda to offer assistance on the production of the song but Squanda charged too much for her services forcing Nashie to release the track on his own. Squanda is said to have gone on to produce her own version of the song forcing Nashie to seek redress.[10] Squanda, however, dismissed the allegations saying that the tracks had the same title but were very different in terms of lyrical content.

Video Assaulting Man

In mid-July 2016 a video showing her and a male companion slapping Abra Skimbo in a car for having wronged her in some way cropped up on social media. The video shows them making the guy beg for forgiveness along with other making him make other statements. The video goes on to show her make him then kiss her feet and ends with him licking under her feet. There was an outcry on social media calling for her arrest for this act. You can watch the video below:

" Video of Squanda assaulting a man

Armed Robbery Arrest in 2020

In October 2020 Lady Squanda was arrested together with four suspected robbers in connection with a robbery case in Zengeza. National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest saying part of the stolen items were recovered at Lady Squanda’s house. Together with her alleged accomplices, Squanda was charged with robbery of US$20, a cellphone and a laptop.[11]


  • Squanda did not know her father up until 2014

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Fire Ndini
Live Performance in Marc 2014


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