Lake Darwendale Recreational Park

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Darwendale recreational park is 76 km west of Harare and it occupies a total area of 11200 ha. Less than three quarters is covered by the Lake Manyame water body. It is under Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority.

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The park was officially opened in 1976 after the construction of a 2-meter dam. The Great Manyame Lake is a home to vast aquatic species like the Mozambique bream, tiger fish and the hunyani salmon. Approximately 3100 ha of the park is reserved for smaller and less dangerous animals, mainly herbivores such as sable, kudu, waterbuck, bush pig, reedbuck, common duiker, warthog, baboon, vervet monkey, oribi and porcupine. The park sustains a variety of trees which gives the place a unique nature filled atmosphere. The tree species found in Darwendale include; musasa, munhondo, mukarati, ficus capensis, dicyrostachys, cinera, pseudolachnostlly, maprononeifolia, euphorbia ingens and diopyros.


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