Learnmore Mjintu
BornLearnmore Mjintu
EducationSpeciss College
  • Musician.

Learnmore Mjintu is a Zimbabwean musician who is also a highly talented guitarist.


Learnmore was born in 1994 and is the son of veteran guitarist Innocent Mjintu[1]


Learnmore Mjintu was initiated into music by his father when they did an album that had been composed by Innocent, "Kunakirwa" and has since grown to become his own man. Learnmore started performing at live shows alongside his father when he was just fifteen years old. He inherited Zare Barura from his father Innocent Mjintu when his father walked away from the outfit to join Mutodi Express led by businessman cum musician, Energy Mutodi.[2] Since then, Learnmore, a talented guitarist himself has been at the helm of the music group.


  • Jana Rangu
  • Kana Wafunga Mafaro[3]
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