BornMildred Munyikwa
  • Musician
Known forBeing a Zimdancehall musician

Lindsay is a controversial Zimdancehall musician who gained public recognition after she penned a son for Soul Jah Love and claimed that the two had gone on a secret date.


She was born Mildred Munyikwa.


In an interview, Lindsay said she started singing at the age of six as a member of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe church choir. She recorded her first song Ukandizembera in 2014 on the Chillslam riddim which was produced by PTK and Levelz. From there, she released a number of singles and has done collaborations with Kinnah, Bonto Man, Legion and Jah Signal.

She released five songs targeted at Fungisai Zvakavapano and when asked why she was targeting the musician Lindsay said:

"This is just a lyrical confrontation. The rift with Fungisai is simple: Dancehall music is a war zone and Fungisai came to dancehall and what I am doing is showing her what dancehall is all about as we play with lyrics and if she cannot stand the heat, then let her retrace to gospel."




  • Ndakasungwa


  • Ukandizembera
  • Letter to Jah Love
  • Ngoma Hauimbe (Fungisai’s diss song)
  • Fake Person
  • Chipoko
  • Mira Ndikuyambire
  • Tsamwa


Letter to Soul Jah Love - Lindsay (Zimdancehall Feb 2017)
Lindsay - Ndakavasunga [Official HD Video] March 2017 Zimdancehall
Lindsay Ukandizembera ChillSlam Riddim 2014
Lindsay - Kubvira Kunge Moto [Official HD Video] November 2016 Zimdancehall
Lindsay - Vanomira Newe Vangani [Official HD Video] May 2017 Zimdancehall
Lindsay - Muroora WaStembeni [Gaza Riddim] June 2017 Zimdancehall


Love affair with Soul Jah Love claims

Lindsay released a song Letter to Jah love dedicated to Soul Jah Love and claims that the musician looked for her number after HMetro published the story. She said that she met Soul Jah Love at Jameson Hotel in Harare. In an interview she said:

"I met Soul Jah Love for the first time in my life when you (H-Metro) published on Friday about my song Letter to Jah love. We met in town when he was coming from Warren Park and we drove around town before he dropped me after he had proposed to go with me to his house in Greendale but I gave him an excuse. I am shocked he is publicly claiming that he still loves Bounty yet he looked for my number after you published the story. He has been calling me every day after we met and I started ignoring him because it’s no longer making sense. I want to be the one in charge of my guy not munhu anoda kundiitisa. For a guy to win my heart he needs to prove his worth, now for Jah Love he should relax and play his cards right before he can even touch me."

When contacted for a comment, Soul Jah Love refuted claims that he met with Lindsay and said:

"Vanhu ngavakwane, anongotaura zvaasingazive. I know nothing about what you are talking about and l have never met her. I never called H-Metro asking about Lindsay when the first story was written showing that I have nothing to do with her."


Claims that married men were asking her for sex

She claimed that married men were pestering her for sex after she released videos for her song "Kubvira Kunge Moto". In an interview she said:

"One thing I know about myself is that I am very sexy and that is the reason why married men are now all over me. As you can see I have a seductive portable body and that is what most married men are after since most married women are overweight. A lot of these men who are pestering me for sex got to know about me when I released my music videos. At first I wasn’t worried about it but I then realized it was getting worse when these men started offering me money. There is one businessman who even offered me $2000 in exchange for unprotected sex and up to now he is still insisting."

She however said single men were not approaching her and threatened to name and shame the married men who were pestering her for sex in the event that they continue doing so. [3]

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