Liquid Telecom
Trading name
Liquid Telecom
Founded2004 (2004)
Headquarters5th Floor, ZB Life Towers, 77 Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe
ParentEconet Wireless Group Contact Number 263 8677 030 000

Liquid Telecom is one of the fastest growing internet service providers in Zimbabwe in particular and Africa in general. It provides state of the art fibre internet which links Zimbabwe and the Southern African region to the outside world. The company is a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Group and has branches in most parts of Southern and East Africa.


Liquid Telecom was founded in 2004 and has remained a privately-owned, independent company. Originally a satellite and voice operator, in 2009 the company eventually launched its high-speed cross-border fibre network linking southern Africa to the rest of the world. The company eventually grew to provide services to more than 50 global wholesale carriers operating in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, as well as the national and international enterprise market.[1]


The company has quite a handful of operations in Zimbabwe and abroad. Besides the Zimbabwean projects, Liquid Telecom Group has eight operating companies across the continent in Botswana, the DRC, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia, and the UK.[2] Liquid Telecom has invested heavily in developing and building a terrestrial fibre optic backbone and expanding its satellite operation. The company has also plans to expand its wings into other areas such a west Africa. In addition, the company boasts of numerous retail and enterprise brands within the Liquid Telecom Group.[2]


Liquid began installation of fibre network cable in Harare's high density suburbs in 2014. Some suburbs which fist benefited from this initiative include Warren Park which is located about 8 km from Harare's central business district. Other areas which saw the installation of the cable include Braeside, Chadcombe and Msasa Park. In Zimbabwe for example, in a space of a few years the company has installed last mile fibre that’s currently available to 20,000 homes in Harare. In 2013, Liquid Telecoms rolled out fibre with Borrowdale, Belgravia, Kensington, Avondale and Milton Park as they pilot tested the project and after a few months hundreds of neighbourhoods had been completely covered along the main neighbourhood streets.ZOL also began to spread its wings into the so called remote parts of the country where internet service provision is still uncommon.

Acquisition of ZOL

ZOL was founded by David Behr in 1995. ZOL grew to become ne of the largest ISPs in Zimbabwe. Behr joined Liquid Telecom in 2012. In that year, Liquid Telecom acquired ZOL and this left Behr occupying two offices within the same company for a while. ZOL thus automatically became a subsidiary of Liquid Telecom and this made it easy for the parent company Econet Wireless Zimbabwe to integrate its local network systems through the sharing of infrastructure.

Products and Services

The largest data, voice and IP provider in Zimbabwe, supplying wholesale fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to telecommunications operators in Zimbabwe. Liquid Telecom was the first in Zimbabwe to introduce Fibre To The Home (FTTH) service, connecting households across the country onto high-speed fibre network.[2]

Other Services

  • Data Centre Hosting
  • Voice Interconnect
  • International MPLS
  • Metro Access Circuits
  • IP Transit[3]


2013- AfricaCom Awards- Best Cost Efficiency Solution.[4]


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