Kingdom Bank Harare Robbery

In February 2009, a Kingdom Bank branch in Harare lost US$200,000 to gunmen. The bank robbers were later apprehended by the authorities.[1]

Five armed robbers hit Kingdom Bank's Graniteside branch in Harare and got away with US$10 200, a handbag and two cellphones in February 2009.

May 2009

This was the second time in less than three months that Kingdom Bank had fallen victim to armed robbers, fuelling speculation that the heists were inside jobs.[2]

Barclays Bank Bulawayo Robbery

A Barclays Bank branch in Bulawayo was stormed by a gang of robbers in July 2009. The robbers seized more than US$100,000.[1] The six-armed robbers got away with US$50 000, R126 000 and 500 pound.[3]

Stanbic Bank Chegutu Robbery

In December 2009, a gang of six armed robbers hit a Stanbic Bank branch in Chegutu, and got away with $US266000, 150,000 South Africa rand and 34,000 Botswana pula in cash. The full loot was worth an equivalent total of about $US285,000 at the time. The manager of the branch sustained a gunshot wound.[1]

CBZ Eighth Avenue Branch Bulawayo Robbery

On 2 November 2020, six armed robbers attacked two Fawcett cash-in-transit security guards delivering ZUPCO’s weekend cash collections at CBZ Eighth Avenue Branch in Bulawayo. The robbers disarmed the security guards and hijacked their armoured vehicle before getting away with an undisclosed amount of money.

The attack occurred in the full view of people oblivious of the drama unfolding in the service lane along Eighth Avenue between Jason Moyo and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Streets.

The gang first hijacked a Mercedes Benz in Selbourne Park suburb around 7am and used it to commit the robbery. The owner of the Benz sustained injuries and was admitted for treatment at a hospital.

After the robbery at the bank, the gang drove the armoured vehicle to Woodlands suburb where they dumped it before hijacking a Nissan Hardbody, which they used as a getaway car.[4]

The robbers got away with over $2,1 million, US$3 362 and R7 390.

Only $11 305 was recovered at a disused house at a plot in the Douglasdale area in Bulawayo where the getaway car, a Nissan Hardbody and trunks used by the security company to carry cash were recovered. The robbers according to police, offered the $11 000 to a Bulawayo resident as they disposed of the trunks but the man refused the money.[5]


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