Luxaflor Roses co-owner Roelof Nugteren

Luxaflor Roses is a Zimbabwean farm that grows 33 varieties of A1 export quality roses. The farm is located in Concession, 45 kilometres north of Harare and has 16ha of greenhouses. The farm has a Fairtrade and MPS certification.

Fairtrade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions, as well as to protect and benefit employees and/or farmworkers. This is achieved by working with the certified farms to ensure decent working conditions for their workers as well as protecting their rights.[1]


Roelof Nugteren and his father Aart Nugteren


According to a 2019 article; Luxaflor Roses's team consists of:

  • Jason Young (General Manager)
  • Peter Malaya (Assistant Production Manager)
  • Maxwell Mbewe (Assistant Crop Protection Manager)
  • Yakub Mahomed (chairperson)

At the time the article was published, the farm had 400 full-time workers, of which 55% were women.[1]

Contact Details

  • Physical Address:

Luxaflor Roses (Pvt) Ltd

Manyewe North Farm, P.O Box 129, Concession,


  • Tel: +263 784 483 268

Net Worth

A 2020 news article reported that Luxaflor Roses was exporting 30 to 35 million rose stems per year and earning US$8,2 million.[2]

Loan Guarantee

Zimbabwe's government issued a guarantee on a US$750 000 loan issued to Luxaflor Roses by CBZ Bank. The loan was to finance the procurement of raw materials for the production and export of roses.

The Guarantee read:

IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 300(3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, as read with section 18(2) of the Public Debt Management Act [Chapter 22:21], that the Minister of Finance and Economic Development hereby issued the following—

(a) Guarantee, binding the Government of Zimbabwe as surety for the repayment of US$750,000,00 (50% of the facility) to Luxaflor Roses (Private) Limited from CBZ Bank Limited to finance the procurement of raw materials for production and export of roses under the COVID-19 Economic Recovery and Stimulus Package;

(b) should there be any outstanding amounts due to Lender at the date of maturity of the Guarantee; the Guarantor undertakes to make full payment of all amounts payable by the Guarantor in terms of this Guarantee upon demand from the Lender within thirty (30) calendar days;

(c) that the total amount of this Guarantee shall be reduced by any payment of the principal, interest and fees by the Lender, or any payment of the principal, interest and fees by the Guarantor;

(d) Guarantee is for the use and benefit of the Lender and the Lender may not without consent of the Guarantor, assign, transfer, mortgage, charge and deal in any matter with or all of its rights and obligations under this Guarantee;

(e) The guarantee shall remain valid and in force until all amounts due under the terms and conditions of the Facility are paid up.

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