The MDC-T Extraordinary Congress took place on 27 December 2020 after the Supreme Court ordered the MDC-T to hold the Extraordinary Congress after it declared “null and void” Nelson Chamisa’s leadership of the party.


The MDC-T Extraordinary Congress in 2020 had the single agenda of electing the party leader and members of the National Standing Committee (NSC).[1]

Key Events Leading Up To 2020 Extraordinary Congress

Abednico Bhebhe Expulsion

On 14 November 2020, Bhebhe was expelled from the party over gross violation of the party’s constitution by supporting another political party other than the MDC T. [2]

Theft Allegations

Douglas Mwonzora Accused Of Stealing Party Funds

Douglas Mwonzora was accused of transferring $300 000 from the party coffers without the knowledge of interim president Thokozani Khupe.

A party member, Leonard Chisvo went on and made a fraud complaint against Mwonzora to the police at Highlands Police Station and the matter was recorded under ref: RRB4586626.

In a statement dated December 8, 2020, Mwonzora dismissed the allegations as “a smear campaign against some candidates.”

Part of the statement reads:

Periodically, through the treasurer-general, the party provides financial reports to the national executive committee. Further, it is impossible for any individual to get money out of the party without the other leaders’ knowledge. One of the rules in the party is that when it comes to internal elections, individual candidates source their own funds and are not funded by the party. The reports coming from social media are simply part of a smear campaign against some candidates and have to be dismissed as such.


In a letter addressed to The Officer In Charge, ZRP Highlands, Khupe also absolved Mwonzora of stealing party funds. She wrote:

It has come to our attention from press reports that one Leonard Chisvo approached your good offices and filed criminal charges against Senator Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora. From these reports, it appears that Mr Chisvo alleges that Senator Mwonzora stole ZWL$300 000 from the MDCT. The said Mr Chiavo is not known to us as he is not our official nor does he sit in any party organ. He therefore does not have any power to represent us. We also have gathered from press reports that the said Mr Chisvo misrepresented to you that the National Executive Committee of the party had resolved to file these charges. This is not true.


Khupe And Komichi Accused Of Stealing $7 Million

In October, MDC-T national organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe approached the High Court and complained that party funds totalling $7 million have been wiped out by acting party president Khupe and national chair Morgen Komichi.[1]

Presidential Election Results

Khupe, Mwonzora, Elias Mudzuri, and Morgen Komichi were contesting for the presidential post, which has been vacant following Morgan Tsvangirai’s death in 2018.[4]

According to figures released by ZBC, Mwonzora won the election after polling 883 votes against Khupe’s 118, Elias Mudzuri had 14 votes while Morgen Komichi had just 9 votes.[5]

Thokozani Khupe Assault

Khupe walked out of the party’s extraordinary congress after being incensed by the chaos that marred the voting process.

The voting process was marred by fistfights and haggling among voters who were not happy with the electoral process. Before walking out, Khupe had tried to stop the congress but was attacked by people allegedly aligned to Mwonzora.[6] Read more about the incident here


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