Madeline Nyamwanza-Makonese
BornMadeline Nyamwanza
EducationUniversity of Rhodesia (Now University of Zimbabwe)
Known forBeing the first Zimbabwean female doctor
Spouse(s)Eben Makonese
FamilyMafingei Nyamwanza

Madeline Nyamwanza was the first female African doctor to graduate from the Godfrey Higgins School of Medicine in Rhodesia. She became the second African woman to become a doctor in Rhodesia.[1] The first was Vida Mungwira who graduated outside of Rhodesia.


She was the seventh child in a family of nine. She was born at St Augustine Mission, Penhalonga where her father worked at the mission farm.

Madeline Nyamwanza


Nyamwanza did her primary and secondary education at St Augustine Mission. She went to Goromonzi High School where she majored in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. She then got a government scholarship to study as a doctor. She did her housemanship at Mpilo Hospital. Madeline was the only woman in a class of twenty five students.

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