Madirirano is a popular pleasure event that happens in Harare's Highfield suburb 3 times a year. The organisers of the event announce the dates for the event and hire popular musicians and socialites and celebrities to grace the event.



Madirirano allegedly was started by a group of ladies from Highfield – buying beer vachiisa mu(pouring it) one big pot then they drink from one cup and they called it Madirirano. It started in 2013. [1]

People refer to it as the most organised Ghetto parties, and its usually organised by Simbabarashe 'Bodyslam' Chakare. Madirirano parties are held 3 times a year. During the Easter Holiday, The Heroes Holiday and during the Unity day holiday. In Highfields, the street parties happen every 2 weeks.

Celebs and Musicians That Have Graced Madirirano

These celebs have been reported to have Graced the popular Ghetto party.

  • Ginimbi,
  • Pokello,
  • Nash Paints team,
  • MTM,
  • Optimus team
  • Killer T
  • Alana
  • Enzo Ishall
  • Freeman
  • T Gonzi [2]

several international DJs coming from different parts of the world.


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