Itai Madzikura
BornItai Madzikura
(1983-07-24) July 24, 1983 (age 38)
Known forBeing a musician

Madiz real name Itai Madzikura is a Zimbabwean Rhumba musician known for his hit songs Kupinda Newe, Amina and Kazeveve among many others.


Madiz was born in Gweru. He relocated to Botswana in search of greener pastures and worked there as a gardener before returning to Zimbabwe to venture into music.[1]

Real Name

Itai Madzikura[2]


Madiz was born on 24 July 1983.[3]


In a 2020 interview with NewsDay Madiz said he was unmarried. At the time Madiz said:

"I am failing to marry because all the ladies I am asking out assume musicians are womanisers and no woman is willing to accept my hand in marriage although I feel now that I have surpassed the bachelorhood age. It is painful to note that musicians, footballers, bar attendants, truck drivers and vendors are classified in the category of people with loose morals, hence finding a life partner becomes a gigantic task."



He attended Matinunure Secondary School in Gweru. Madiz said he started singing in 1998 whilst in secondary school.


Madiz was originally a member of the Roman Catholic Church and when he started singing he teamed up with his friends who were from Aline Church and formed a group called Joyful Repainters. Madiz said as Joyful Repainters they used to perform at different functions in Gweru and other places.

He said in 1999, he decided to join another group called the Returns, which specialised in dancing to rhythm and blues songs. Madiz was expelled from both groups because he could no longer fully commit to any one of the two.

When Madiz returned from Botswana he joined the Sounds of Africa owned by Dr Zobha and Tony G. Madiz and Nasty Trix recorded the song Kupinda Newe. However, Dr Zobha advised Madiz to sing rhumba music despite the fact that he had recorded Kupinda Newe which became a hit song.

Madiz said at first he was opposed to the idea but after some time, the two decided to give it a try and they recorded the rhumba song Amina which also became a hit.[4]

Madiz started his music career in 2010 and released his debut album, Rhumba Plus, which carried the hit song Kazeveve.

Madiz recorded two more albums titled Bluetooth and Madizlicious.[1][5]

2015 UK Show

Extra Large and Madiz New Year’s Eve show in Coventry, United Kingdom attracted two paying fans. The show was held at the Platinum Club in the West Midlands town.

The two fans left shortly after the change of clocks into the New Year leaving Xtra Large and Madiz to perform for 13 fans who had gained free entry for varying reasons.

The 13 comprised of three members of Marrie-Jernie Media, a production house that had been contracted by Madiz for a live video recording, two other media personnel who were recording proceedings with a camcorder, the promoter, his wife and four friends, the DJ and the bar lady.[2]


  • Rhumba Plus (2010)
  • Bluetooth
  • Madizlicious (2017)


Madiz - Kazevezeve (Official Music Video)
Xtra Large Maroja feat Madiz - Ndidewo (Official Video)
Madiz - Zvandiwandira [ Bhazi Remangoma]


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