Madokero Estate
IndustryReal Estate Agent
FoundedAugust 2012 (2012-08)
HeadquartersHarare, Zimbabwe
ParentExodus and Company (Pvt)Ltd

Madokero Estate which is located 10 kilometres away from the city centre and about 800m from Westgate Shopping Centre is a medium and low density suburb with over 1 700 residential stands, commercial stands, apartments and an area suitable for light industry operations. The project was developed by a company called Exodus and Company (Pvt)Ltd which began to operate in the country in December 2007.


The Madokero Estate project was mooted by Exodus and Company (Pvt) Lt which began to operate in December 2007 which is solely owned by Zimbabweans.[1] The company's initial business model was to undertake specialised advisory and investment service. The company refocused its business model to become a real estate development company in 2010 as a way of seeking and executing high return project opportunities.[1]

The Madokero Estate project began in August 2012 and was scheduled for completion by April 2014. In April 2012, the estate began to sell its phase one's stands which were measuring about 400 square metres costing US$20 500 although they were favourable payment arrangements.[2] In the same month, the estate began also to sell its phase two stands measuring 368 square metres, costing US$10 400.[3]

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The Chief Executive Officer of Exodus and Company stated that since its commencement, the project has so far employed more than 500 people thus creating employment in the country.[4] He also stated that, supplies have been coming from local companies as a way of promoting the growth of local industries.[4] The project which was meant to be complete by April 2014 is yet to be completed. However it was reported that at least 500 people had occupied their properties by 10 January and that the project was about to be completed.[4] Three primary schools and a secondary school are also expected to be completed by the end of March 2015.[5]

Madokero Apartments Project

The Madokero Apartment project is also one of the projects within the Madokero Estate. The apartment project has built about 200 'secure' garden flats.[6] The price of these garden flats has been pegged at US$72 000. Interested buyers are obliged to pay 30% of the pegged amount, assuming ownership of the flat and the balance is to be paid within a period of 10 years.[6]

Madokero Central Business District (CBD)

The estate under is also planning to create a CBD which will cater for residents who are to reside within the Madokero Apartments as well as those who managed to purchase stands.[7]

Madokero Business Park

The estate is also planning to create and establish Tynwald Industrial Zone offering 30 stands measuring 4 000 square metres to individuals and companies involved in light industrial operations.[8]


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