Madzibaba Bond
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BornBond Gumira
OccupationProphet, Businessman and Philanthropist
OrganizationBornsevia Masowe, DR BOND ENTERTAINMENT and Bornsevia Trust
Known forbeing a Prophet
Home townChitungwiza

Madzibaba Bond also known as Dr. Bond, born Bond Junior Gumira is a Zimbabwean religious figure and the founder Bornsevia Masowe which has branches in almost every ward in Chitungwiza, a businessman and founder of Dr Bond Entertainment and a philanthropist and the Founder of Bornsevia Trust, a charity organization mandated with creating a conducive environment for the development of the apostolic community, through pursuing and implementing projects that are hinged on global minimum human standards.

See also Johane Masowe.


Madzibaba Bond was born and raised in Chitungwiza.

Forming Bornsevia Masowe

Madzibaba Bond claims that he was instructed by the holy spirit to form the church and register it under the laws of Zimbabwe. He also mentioned that registering churches helps the government to regulate church activities and also bring them to book in the event that any crimes are committed.The church is headquartered in Chitungwiza Unit N near Chidochevanhu shopping center

Forming Bornsevia Trust

Madzibaba Bond alleges that he was instructed by the holy spirit to form a trust that seeks to foster development in closed communities of faith. He registered his trust in August of 2020 in Harare, Zimbabwe under section 13 of the Deeds Registration Act [Chapter 20:05].

The organization was founded for the purposes of creating an environment consciously tailored for the protection and development of children, women and families in the Apostolic churches and the community

Cleansing Gumira village

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In 2022 it is alleged that Madzibaba Bond launched a branch of his church and opened up a shrine in his home village of Gumira. The village as per allegations was a fort or stronghold for wizards and traditional healers who plighted their trade in a mountain known as Jururwi. Madzibaba Bond's alleged arrival in the village caused a stir ant tension between him and wizards in the area. The friction between the self proclaimed prophet and the wizards led to a violent confrontation.

Gumira village shooting incident

Madzibaba Bond was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a congregant before opening fire on his 46-year-old rural neighbour whom he accused him of stealing his goats.

Police confirmed the assault and gunfire incidents which happened in Chidzvururwi Village in Chief Musikavanhu’s area in Manicaland Province.

Some villagers and members of the apostolic sect who were present said they were shocked after the self-proclaimed prophet, Bond Junior Gumira turned violent.

Madzibaba Bond's version of the shooting incident

Madzibaba Bond said he had to discharge the firearm to escape from a mob that was bayingfor his blood.

He claimed that were beaten up when they inquired about the noise that was coming from outside their homestead, in Gumira Village at Chidjururwi under Chief Musikavanhu. Madzibaba Bond reportedly fired six warning shots to escape during the attack, but his aides were not so lucky as they were assaulted by the mob.

Alleged reasons for the attack

H-Metro reported sources said that some members of the community alleged to have been involved in witchcraft teamed up to attack Madzibaba Bond. Said a source:

There is a serious rift in the community where some people who were alleged to have items of witchcraft were exposed, with some surrendering their tools of trade. Some members of the community then teamed up to attack Bond and his team.

Chipinge Livelihoods

Through his Bornsevia Masowe church in conjuction with his Bornsevia Trust, Madzibaba Bond conducted a social safety net Programme in Gumira Village which falls under the jurisdiction of chief Musikavanhu in Chipinge. The livelihoods project gave grocery hampers to the elderly in the community with a particular bias on widows, single mothers and orphans

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